BCIS Begins 10th Anniversary Celebrations

The end of the 2014-2015 academic year marked the completion of 10 full school years at Beijing City International School. To mark this achievement, we have designed a new logo and theme to accompany the BCIS brand as we continue to push forward into an exciting new stage of our development.

The motto we have created for this year of celebration is:

A Decade of Achievement; A Lifetime of Success

In our 10 years, our school has achieved many great things, which is we celebrate our 10 years as one of achievement. But more important is how we have created a community that is fostering lifetime success. Our graduating classes have gone on to college, with some beginning exciting careers already; faculty members have grown, developed and expanded their role and knowledge of their profession; parents have made new friends, gained new experiences and had their lives enriched forever. In short, the motto sums up our evolution from a “young school” to a mature school looking to build on its great achievements so far.

Keep your eye on the BCIS blog, WeChat, ¬†Website and other social media platforms for new stories, activities and more that celebrate the 10 years of BCIS — 2005-2015.

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