The Benefits of School Summer Programs


With the arrival of summer, many students look forward to enjoying countless hours of mindless entertainment in front of the TV or computer. However, there are healthier and more productive alternatives for them to enrich and enliven their days, such as taking part in summer programs. Here, we elaborate on some of the benefits of these programs.

For many students that have fallen behind, summer programs provide an opportunity to catch up to their peers in a relaxed learning environment. Many are able to thrive due to the slower pace utilized and individualized attention given. Aside from obvious academic enhancement, summer programs offer a wide range of positive effects. For those that are athletically inclined, there are activities that cater to help fostering and developing their talents on the sports field. For those in high school, pre-college programs provide a taste of college life. And in general, summer programs can broaden children’s horizons. Whether it is a stay overseas for several weeks or a day camp, they offer numerous opportunities for developing personal and social skills. By mingling with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, students can better understand other people’s cultural views and beliefs.

Summer programs are invaluable resources since they help prevent deterioration in learning. Due to the fact that the summer is usually reserved for relaxing (and getting as far away from school work as possible), brain cells are in danger of being lost in the ether. Therefore, children (and parents) should search and participate in an activity that will be most meaningful to them. Truly, whatever a child’s reason for attending a program, the benefits are undeniable: an increase in learning, expansion of social development, and honing of invaluable life-skills in an environment that is both rewarding and enjoyable.








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