Day of Student Led Conferences

On March 16, Student Led Conferences were held at BCIS to great success! Instead of the normal parent-teacher conferences where the adults march into classrooms to speak with teachers about their children’s progress in school, the students took charge, becoming inspired and empowered to share what they have been learning. Elementary School Music Teacher Mr. Grant Ellis stated of the gatherings, “I think these conferences are great because instead of teachers simply talking, the students are able to show their parents the actual skills and knowledge they have gained in class. It’s great to see this.”
As one can imagine, the entire school was filled with activity as the students led their family members into classrooms to highlight the work they have been doing throughout the semester so far. Some children could be found playing a song on the piano to the delight of their parents, while others could be seen showing their study journals filled with creative drawings and writings to their proud grandparents. Some were observed in the hallways, where pictures taken throughout the semester were posted, confidently telling their parents about all the new facts they have learned and showing how they are great inquirers. Others could be seen in front of the various laptops available sharing the world of learning with a guardian. All the parents and adults that attended mentioned they liked the conferences because it gave them the opportunity to see their child(ren)’s work firsthand. One parent commented on the day’s events, “I enjoyed seeing all of the engaging and hands-on learning, especially the exhibition essays,” while another mentioned, “Good progress! I feel very proud of my little one.”
Due to the hard work and efforts by both the students and their teachers, the day was without a doubt a success. The young minds displayed great confidence and independence when leading their families around various classrooms, all while being directly under the spotlight. Most importantly, they showed their families they have accepted responsibility for their own learning, signifying a step towards maturity. Secondary School Principal Ms. Drisner mentioned, “Today is a day where we get to catch a glimpse of moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas being proud of their kids.” This was definitely the truth today.

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