PAL Workshop: Redefining Free Time


On February 28, BCIS held a Parents as Learners (PAL) Workshop titled, “Redefining Free Time.” The session was led by Elementary School Teacher Librarian Sally Richmond and Secondary School Teacher Librarian Megan Eddington. This workshop was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the importance of children having free time. Please read on for some words about the workshop from the librarians themselves:

“Is free time a waste of time? In this workshop, we will explore this question and look at ways in which we can foster and develop children’s creativity and innovation through free time. There is much debate about the effects of homework and after school classes, such as extra academic and structured activities. In this new age, creativity and innovation are seen as fundamental for the future of all students. It’s often difficult to separate our own educational experiences from the expectations of our own children. This workshop will challenge this and explore how we can change the way learning is perceived at home.”

Please click on the link below to see a PDF of the information discussed at the presentation.



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