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The Benefits of School Summer Programs

With the arrival of summer, many students look forward to enjoying countless hours of mindless entertainment in front of the TV or computer. However, there are healthier and more productive alternatives for them to enrich and enliven their days, such as taking part in summer programs. Here, we elaborate on …


Enterprise Education: Inspiring and Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

Enterprise Education: Inspiring and Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators The world that today’s children are growing up into is changing at a pace that older generations likely never anticipated. Students preparing to graduate from Secondary School and begin a college life are finding that admissions officers and, ultimately, potential employers are increasingly …


“Visible Thinking” at BCIS

This week – ECC Principal, Sara Shadravan shared an updated version of the “KWL” chart, which refers to what children “Know” (K), what they “Want to Know” (W) and what they have “Learned” (L). The KWL chart is part of a constructivist method of teaching, and a form of instructional …