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Costa Rica Trip – Spring Break 2015

Over the recent holiday break we had a number of BCIS students participate in the BCIS / WorldStrides Education Trip to the United States and Costa Rica: Eco Adventure. WorldStrides, the global leader in education travel since 1967, customized an experiential learning Science course for BCIS students to travel for …


BCIS Sports Roundup

The past few weeks have been some of tremendous sporting success for the BCIS Warriors – below is a roundup of recent triumphs:             Friday, January 9 – U13 and U14 Volleyball Warriors Own the Court On January 9, the MS Volleyball Warriors showed their …


转学之国际学校之我见 (My Experience of Transferring to International School) – by Lynn Xu, Grade 9

转学之国际学校之我见  Lynn Xu (Grade 9)   如今,国际学校如潮流一般,很多人争先恐后涌进。这也造成了一些人的误解,认为国际学校就是有钱子弟的聚集地,所谓坏学生的避难所。其实,这其中确确存在着偏见与误解。自从我转入乐成国际BCIS之后,我更证实了这一点。同时,国际学校的教育体系、学习生活也和我之前想象的不太相同。