Professional Development

We understand that your professional learning is as important to you as it is to BCIS. If you are interested in professional development your first stop is to go and see your coordinator and/or your principal or deputy principal. They will give you good guidance. As well you are welcome to apply through your divisional PD committee.

Looking for Learning?

Click the document below to see a list of different PD organizations that may have something for you.

PD Criteria

Procedure for PD Funds Application

Blank PR

PD committee budget code: 0226 (please add this budget code to the PR)

Payment Procedures

2017 IB Professional Development Catalogue

Tax implications when apply for PD

Any PD that is paid for directly by the school into a foreign bank account will incur a tax payment of up to 20%. This 20% is something you need to consider when applying through the PD committee and it needs to be included in the amount you are asking for.

There are 2 options of how the PD can be paid for and these options have different tax and time implications.

The recommendation is that you always go with option 1 as your money in the PD budget will go further (as we don’t need to pay the tax when individuals pay). If the cost of your PD is over the amount of 6,000 RMB this will effect you the most, as 80% of your allocated budget will be spent on yourself and the other 20% will be put towards paying tax. If that is not an option for you to pay upfront, it is fine that you get the school to pay, however you just need to include the tax amount in your PD application limit.