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Checklist and Forms

Online Application

To apply to BCIS, please complete the online application form in English and submit the supporting documents using the online application.  All applications are facilitated via our online application process, which can be found at Apply Online.


School Tour

The Admissions Department conducts campus tours and information sessions weekly in both English and Chinese.  We encourage all families residing in the Beijing area to tour our school, attend an information session, and make every effort to understand our academic program and mission before submitting an application and embarking on the admissions process.


To schedule a school tour in English, please contact us at 010-87717171 or by email: admissions@bcis.cn  


Application Fee

A non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of RMB 2,000 is applicable and must be paid prior to an assessment or an interview is arranged.  This fee covers the cost of processing the application.


Supporting Documents

For applications to Early Childhood Center* (Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten)


  1. Copy of Student’s and Parents’ Passport information page and valid visa page OR Hukou
  2. School Transcripts or Reports for the last academic year (in English) if available
  3. One completed Recommendation Form if the child is attending a program or school
  4. The completed Student Medical Form and vaccination records

    I. 学生和父母双方护照信息页及有效签证页复印件;或户口本复印件
    II. 上一学年学校成绩单或报告(英文版)(如有)
    IV. 学生健康记录表和疫苗接种记录本复印件

 * ECC students should submit the Kindergarten New Entry Students Health Check-up Form completed by a Doctor at any hospital or clinic within 3 months prior to enrollment.

* 入学前三个月内,需自行选择二级甲等以上医院进行体检,提交由医生填写的儿童入园(所)健康检查表

For applications to Elementary School (Grade 1 – Grade 5)


  1. Copy of Student’s and Parent’s Passport information page and valid visa page OR Hukou
  2. School Transcripts or Reports for the past two academic years (in English)
  3. One completed Recommendation Form
  4. The completed Student Medical Form and vaccination records

    I. 学生和父母双方护照信息页及有效签证页复印件;或户口本复印件
    II. 过去2年的学校成绩单或报告(英文版)
    III. 一份在读学校老师填写的推荐表
    IV. 学生健康记录表和疫苗接种记录本复印件

 For applications to Secondary School (Grade 6 – Grade 11)


  1. Copy of Student’s and Parent’s Passport information page and valid visas page OR Hukou
  2. School Transcripts or Reports for the past two academic years (in English)
  3. Two completed Recommendation Forms, one of which should be completed by the current school’s English Language teacher
  4. The completed Student Medical Form and vaccination records (for applicants up to Grade 6)
  5. SSAT scores. Please register your test at www.ssat.org and add "Beijing City International School" as a score recipient.
  6. For entry to Grade 11, we additionally require the TOEFL or IELTS scores

    I. 学生和父母双方护照信息页及有效签证页复印件;或户口本复印件
    II. 过去2年的学校成绩单或报告(英文版)
    III. 两份在读学校老师填写的推荐表,其中一位为英语老师
    IV. 学生健康记录表和疫苗接种记录本复印件(申请6年级必须提交疫苗接种记录本复印件)
    V. SSAT成绩单
    VI. 申请11年级还需托福或雅思成绩单

Below you can find links to printable versions of the required forms.


 School Recommendation Form:


School Recommendation Form

Please submit the School Recommendation Form to a teacher, counselor or the principal at your current school for completion. Recommendations are confidential and at no time will they be shared with anyone outside the Admissions Department. The recommendation writer must email, fax or post (in a sealed envelope) the recommendation form directly to:


Admissions Department
Beijing City International School
77 Baiziwan Nan Er Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022
Fax: (86) 10 87717778
Email: admissions@bcis.cn

Student Medical Form:


Student Medical Form

Kindergarten New Entry Students Health Check-up Form:


Kindergarten New Entry Students Health Check-up Form

Transport Application Form (if school bus is required):

校车申请表 (乘坐校车填写):

School Bus Application Form

Please be advised that applications will not be considered complete until the school receives ALL supporting documents and a campus tour has been completed. Interview and/or assessment tests will be arranged with shortlisted candidates upon completion of the application process.


What to Expect in an Interview

For applicants applying to the Early Childhood Center and Elementary School


We are committed to considering each applicant very carefully and to making sure your child is comfortable during the process. We look to evaluate the child’s academic readiness, developmental readiness and fit within our classrooms by talking with both the parents and the child. While we do not expect young applicants to be fluent in English, we do consider an understanding of the English language by both the child and the parent to be an advantage. The admissions team and the Principals work together to get to know you and your child through the interview and admissions process. We observe the child’s interactions with both the interviewer as well as the parents.


For applicants applying to the Secondary School


During the interview for admissions to Grades 6-11, we are looking holistically at each applicant. We interview both the student and the parents separately. If the parents do not speak English they may need to bring an interpreter with them to the interview. We look to understand the child’s academic and extracurricular interests. We will review the transcripts, recommendations and previous academic testing before the interview and we will discuss aspects of the child’s history with them.  The interview is also used as an opportunity to evaluate the child’s ability to speak and understand English.


 All applicants to the Secondary School will have to take the SSAT test at a test center prior to interviewing for admissions.  For expatriate candidates not being able to take the SSAT on the standard test dates, arrangements can be made to take the SSAT Flex test at BCIS during the interview visit or on an alternative date. Please visit the website www.ssat.org for more information on the SSAT test.  Our BCIS SSAT School Code is 1532.

所有申请中学的学生都需在面试前参加SSAT考试。学校将为无法参加SSAT标准考试的外国学生安排SSAT弹性考试(SSAT Flex),SSAT弹性考试在我校举行,弹性考试将安排在面试期间或其他合适的时间。请访问SSAT官网www.ssat.org了解更多关于SSAT考试的信息。我校SSAT代码为1532。

Note to Parents


Please understand that it is not an easy process to go through the evaluation for your child. Please know that we have carefully considered and designed our admissions process to be as fair as possible for each student. We do consider the fit of the family as part of our decision. We ask for your patience and please take the time to understand our mission, vision, philosophy and application process, and to ensure that you and your family fit with our educational philosophy and process. We appreciate how hard it is to wait for our decision and we thank you for considering BCIS.




BCIS is accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), which demonstrates that the school meets demanding international standards in all the areas of philosophy and objectives, curriculum, governance and management, staff, student support services, resources, and student and community life.Visit www.cois.org and www.acswasc.org for more information.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation, motivated by its mission, focused on the student. The three programmes for students aged 3 to 19 help develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Founded in 1968, IBO currently works with 2,771 schools in 138 countries to develop and offer three challenging programmes to over 763,000 students aged 3 to 19 years.Visit www.ibo.org for more information.

We live by a spirit of inspiring others, achieving ones goals and creating a better world.

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