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Beijing City International School implements Head of School responsible system which is under direct guidance of the Board of Governors. With expertise and rich experience from international education, business community, finance, facilities and risk management and human resources and legal areas, the seven members on board provide direction and strategy for the sustained development of the school.

There are five committees affiliated to the board: Education Committee, Finance Committee, Communication and Development Committee, Human Resources Committee and Facilities and Risk Management Committee. Head of School sits on all committees. Each committee consists of one to two board members, with one board member as the chair of the committee, which is conducive to the timely communication channel between the board and the school.

The positive and effective relationship exists between the board and Head of School works for the best interest of all students and staff. The board convenes at least four times a year to review Head of School and Committee work reports at major board meetings. The committees provide guidance and recommendations for all sectors of the school through meetings, consultation and discussion to address concerns and promote the development of the school.

School Founder

Mr. NI Haohua

Mr. Ni established the Landgent Group in 1996 and has been President of the group ever since. Landgent Group has diversified interests in the areas of education, services for senior citizens, real estate, fixed asset management, and city investment and operations. The Landgent Group has programmes in many areas of China including Beijing, Shangdong, Zhejiang, and Hainan.

“To achieve one’s own goal while contributing to society” is both the fundamental concept underlying the Landgent Group and the mission guiding its development. In furtherance of this mission in 2003 Mr Ni decided to build a school that incorporates international-mindedness and meets international standards. In preparation for this project he visited many prestigious schools in Europe, America and Asia, and he also analyzed a large amount of data about educational institutions at home and abroad. Based on his findings he decided to use the International Baccalaureate(IB) as the core curriculum on which to found a high quality international school.

Working with colleagues from within the school, together with other educational experts, Mr. Ni finalized the school philosophy and personally directed every stage of campus design and construction. He also advocated the school philosophy to governors, embassy officials and entrepreneurial friends. All this laid a solid foundation for the smooth opening of the school.

As the investor, Mr. Ni hopes that students will be proud to study in BCIS and that teachers will be delighted to teach here. He trusts that BCIS will build on its deep Chinese roots while absorbing advanced concepts from international education to become widely respected as a model school providing an excellent international education. Mr. Ni’s aim is that BCIS will aspire towards achieving its 100th anniversary and contribute strongly to the globalization of Chinese education.


Mr. Chen Lixiang

Chen Lixiang

Mr. Chen Lixiang was born in Hu Nan province. He studied in Chinese Language Department at Wuhan University and graduated in 1986.

He used to hold various positions in The State Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Mr. Chen Lixiang has long been engaged in strategy research, policy establishment and technology development in vocational education. He has approximately thirty years of experience in career classification and analysis, education and appraisal for technical talents etc. Through various positions, he has gained in-depth understanding and initiated methodologies in effective organization strategy management, information management, structure development and curriculum design for Educational institutions.

Mr. Chen is a board member of Yuecheng Group. In 2011, He was appointed Chairman of Board of Trustees of Yuecheng Education Management Co. Ltd. Mr. Chen is also Deputy Director of China Career Research Institute, Peking University.

Board Executive

Ms. AN Wei

Ms. An Wei lived and studied in Beijing before pursuing further education in Macquarie, Sydney. Following that she worked in International School Singapore both in Singapore and Beijing for more than ten years, gaining extensive experience in school management.

At the end of 2004 she played a leading role in the establishment of BCIS by heading the school’s foundation team in all its preparatory work. When the school was officially opened in August 2005, she served as Head of Business and Administration. On that position she completed the establishment of the administrative and operating systems of the school.

In June 2007, Ms. An Wei was appointed Board Executive of BCIS. She facilitated the formal establishment of the school board and developed guidelines and principles for the board and the school. As the only full-time director, An Wei has served as a major channel of communication and coordination between the board, the School Head and the wider community.

In September 2011, An Wei was additionally appointed Chief Executive Officer of Yuecheng Education Management Company.

Ms. An Wei is a team member of NCCT Accreditation and has been involved in accreditation visits to many expatriate-oriented schools in China.

Board Members

Mr. Jason KUO

Mr. Kuo is originally from Taipei, Taiwan. He is an architect with 20 years of experience in the design and management of planning, architectural and interior design projects for a variety of building types. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Chung Yuan University in Taiwan and his Master of Architecture and Urban Design from Washington University in St Louis, USA. He has worked extensively with a number of internationally renowned design firms for projects in Taiwan and China. Before moving to China, he also taught architectural design studio in Taipei University of Technology for 10 years.

Mr. Kuo joined the BCIS board in mid 2008. He helped found the Facility and Risk Management Committee under the school board to set up systems and criteria for improving the quality and safety of the school environment. He also designed the new school gate and is responsible for some other renovation projects in campus.

Mr. Kuo is currently living in Beijing with his wife Iris and his daughter Renee who is a student of BCIS.

Mr. WangPenglin

Mr. Wang Penglin was born in Xinjiang Province, west of China. He became a qualified lawyer in 1994. Mr. Wang has been practicing the law in Beijing for fourteen years. Currently he is one of the partners of Beijing Zhong Zhou Law Firm and he also serves as the legal advisor for different organizations. Mr. Wang joined BCIS in November 2010 as a board member concentrating on legal affairs. He is also Chairman of BCIS Board Human Resources Committee.

Mr. TAN Wee Seng

Mr. TAN Wee Seng (陳偉成), is a professional in value and business management specializing in shareholders’ strategic value creation, merger and acquisitions, ipo and advisory in risk management and corporate governance. He is a director of Renesola PLC, 7-Days Group Holding Ltd, Beijing City International School and Landgent Group Company Limited. He has been an executive director, the chief financial officer, qualified accountant and the company secretary of Li Ning Co. Ltd. from 2003 to 2008. Mr. Tan has been instrumental in bring the Li Ning to public listing in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004. He has also been responsible for capital planning & allocation, and led investors relation with overwhelming success, a prime mover on good corporate governance and risk management and instilled forward financial management concept. He also held various senior management positions in a number of multi-national corporations. From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Tan has been the senior vice president of Reuters China, Mongolia and North Korea regions, and chief representative of Reuters in China. Prior to that, he was the managing director of a Reuters subsidiary in Hong Kong, a major domestic equity and financial information services company, as director of its Australia subsidiary, Infocast Pty Limited and as the Reuters East Asia regional finance manager (director) respectively. He is a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, United Kingdom and a fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

Mr. Allan WILCOX

Allan Wilcox is an Australian educator who has had 48 years experience as a teacher, administrator and Consultant in international schools in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

He has been an elected member of the International Baccalaureate Council of Foundation (1981-86), an IBNA Board Member (1977-79) and a Board Member of the European Council of International Schools (1986-92). He served on several committees for the IB Organisation.

In recent years, he has served on the Advisory Committee for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for Cambridge University (UK), has served on the AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education) College Board Advanced Placement Diploma Committee, served on the ECIS Board and during 1994 – 2007 was the CIS Australasian Representative serving the Asia Pacific region.

His most recent responsibilities during 2004 - 2007 included:

a) Director of an International Education Consultancy.

b) Representing CIS in the region which included providing:

  1. Educational advice to families with children relocating between Australia and overseas.
  2. Advice to teachers wishing to teach overseas.
  3. Advice to Australian schools on membership with CIS.
  4. Advice to organizations seeking to establish International Schools

c) Managing the CIS Accreditation Program for Australian National Schools (52) both Independent and State.

The above responsibilities included the assessment of schools which are established or which are being developed. This assessment includes the verification of their ethical operational procedures and their financial viability.

The International Accreditation program itself is designed to provide an independent Quality Assessment of all aspects of the school’s programs, resources and facilities and also to validate the quality of the educational programs provided for the students.


BCIS is accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), which demonstrates that the school meets demanding international standards in all the areas of philosophy and objectives, curriculum, governance and management, staff, student support services, resources, and student and community life.Visit www.cois.org and www.acswasc.org for more information.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation, motivated by its mission, focused on the student. The three programmes for students aged 3 to 19 help develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Founded in 1968, IBO currently works with 2,771 schools in 138 countries to develop and offer three challenging programmes to over 763,000 students aged 3 to 19 years.Visit www.ibo.org for more information.

We live by a spirit of inspiring others, achieving ones goals and creating a better world.

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