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The Festival of Arts Another Great Success


The twelfth Spring in the City was recently held on a beautiful sunny day proved to be a resounding success. With the perfect weather for such an occasion, especially after a few days of a threatening sandstorm, a great turnout of over 3,000 participants (the most to date!) showed up for some serious fun under the sun. The community indeed came together and spent a wonderful day of excitement and joy.

Under the theme of “The Festival of the Arts,” the event’s entire setting became its very own masterpiece, serving as the ideal platform for student artwork, as well as those of the attendees. After an enthusiastic speech by our Head of School Chris Akin, the festivities were kicked off with a bang as a group of Grade 4 students took to the stage and created some wonderful art to the sound of upbeat music. Within less than ten minutes, the children painted six large canvases spelling out the word S-P-R-I-N-G and creating unique art on the spot. Rather than being an event displaying art solely made by students however, the audience was given many opportunities to showcase their own work to the public via various activities. One of these was held at the interesting maze shaped like the BCIS logo representing double happiness. Here, people were able to paint whatever their hearts desired on paper plates and stick them on the outer walls for everyone to see. Student artwork, of course, also adorned these very walls, adding a nice touch to the overall aesthetics of the festival.

Another fun activity many attendees took part in was writing their names or drawing pictures on small magnetic buttons, which they then placed on a large wall near the entrance of the festivities that was emblazoned with the letters, “B-C-I-S.” By doing so, they were able to show their support, as well as show proof they came by and enjoyed all the fun offered at Spring in the City 2017. Attendees were not merely spectators at the event, but also important participants that added their own unique touches.

Of course, a festival emphasizing arts is not a festival without musical and dramatic performances, and there were plenty of these at this year’s Spring in the City. Some of the highlights include a very special performance by our friendly neighbors at Golden Heights, the senior citizens’ home, who wrote an original song just for this occasion. Members of the PTA also outdid themselves by staging a dramatic performance called, “Modern Family,” taking inspiration from the popular American TV show of the same name. Through this, they were able to display their English language skills, which they have been developing in the PTA English class. They were most certainly brave to take the stage and show the audience that indeed, we are all lifelong learners. An announcement for the upcoming Flux Film Festival Awards Ceremony also caught the eye of many attendees. One other great highlight was the very first appearance of the Secondary School Orchestra at Spring in the City. Much praise to Music Teachers Dom Halliday and Justin Cox for taking the time to set up so many instruments (as well as so many students) on one stage for a lively two-song performance

Spring in the City 2017 was another great chapter in the event’s history. Bellies were filled, entertainment was provided, and smiles were had by everyone. We are already looking forward to next year’s fun!

And of course, special thanks to all our wonderful sponsors!

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