BCIS Making Milestones

BCIS Making Milestones
BCIS Making Milestones

BCIS' 15th Anniversary

On Friday, Beijing City International School (BCIS) turned 15 years old! At the end of the first official week of the 2020/21 school year, BCIS had many milestones to celebrate after 15 mission accomplished years, with many more to come.

Young Warriors

Today the school began smoothly welcoming back our first cluster of Elementary and Secondary School students to our main campus. Amongst them were our youngest main campus Warriors – our Grade 1s, who took their next brave and bouncy steps along their unique learning journeys.

National Flag-raising

At BCIS we are proudly rooted in our Chinese culture and celebrate our unity in diversity.This morning we introduced our new Chinese flag-raising ceremony procedure, where each class will have a turn to enjoy and participate in the honoring service throughout the semester.