IDEATE Diploma Program

The IDEATE (ID8) program empowers students to take charge of their learning and thrive in an ever-changing world.

IDEATE is a challenging, innovative and agile high school program, catering to individual students and inspiring them to make a difference through their choices, now and in the future.

IDEATE Diploma Program:

  • Develops competencies which will be in high demand in the future
  • Combines strong academic foundations with hands-on experiences
  • Provides students a head-start with real professional experiences
  • Teaches for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability
  • Has unparalleled learning opportunities for those wanting to build skills and dispositions for their future pathway

How did IDEATE begin? Why IDEATE?

The IDEATE (ID8) program was designed with a future-focus on what students need to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous which is why IDEATE wraps its program around students' need. The program focuses on students' potential to transfer what they have learned into meaningful experiences.

The world is made up of complex systems and contexts, and therefore learning that is held within the boundaries of traditional subject areas neglects the way in which the world really works. BCIS IDEATE program provides opportunities for students to approach dilemmas and opportunities, applying different disciplinary lenses to design an effective course of action through projects. Breaking out of the strict subject area model allows students to explore concepts and issues from a variety of disciplinary lenses.

Unlike a traditional one-size-fits-all experience, IDEATE students develop their true potential and differentiate themselves from others. IDEATE provides students with a high degree of self-direction and personalization to help students make a case for their unique experiences and abilities.

Profile of an IDEATE Graduate

We empower students by developing and demonstrating their skills and dispositions in IDEATE's Impacts.

IDEATE students thrive through learning environments and experiences that blend:

  • Experiential Learning: Learning by doing
  • Transfer of Learning: Using what we learn with new and challenging concepts and contexts
  • Self-Directed Learning: Taking control of our learning and growth through voice and choice
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Developing the inter- and intra-personal attributes for successful, happy living.

Core Program Components:


All IDEATE courses align with our BCIS Learning Model and Impacts of learning. This means students will intentionally develop skills in the following areas:

Critical Thinking

Creating Thinking

Purposeful Doing

Connected Learning

Inquiry is at the heart of all course and teachers will employ a variety of teaching methods and assessments that follow the design principles of the following pedagogical approaches:

Voice and Choice

Learn by Doing

Social and Emotional Learning

Concept and Context

Assessments will vary within subject groups and include tasks such as investigations, portfolios, projects, exhibitions, and problem-solving activities. Students will receive feedback on their ongoing performance of the four impacts.

IDEATE Project

All students will complete the IDEATE Project course in grade 11 and 12.

The IDEATE Project course explores students' skills, interests and strengths to devise and carry out an entrepreneurial pursuit. This course gives students the opportunity to transfer their learning to pursue their own ideas in innovation, design, entrepreneurship, arts, technology and experience.


Seminar class is a time for all IDEATE students to come together to build on tools and strategies essential for the IDEATE program. This is the time that all students can gather to work on group projects and address any issues or opportunities faced as a cohort.


All students are expected to fulfill the requirements for Service Learning, Community Involvement and Work Experience opportunities. These experiences provide opportunities for students to apply their learning to authentic and real-world situations.

Learning Portfolio & Defense

The Learning Portfolio and Defense is a requirement for all BCIS graduates and is therefore not unique to IDEATE. Students are collecting evidence for their portfolio throughout their time at BCIS. The Learning Portfolio highlights learning across all areas of school life. It is a collection of evidence that showcases the Impacts and how a student has developed over time.

University Entrance

It is important that families determine the requirements of the Universities of interest with regard to the IDEATE Diploma program as early as possible. As a part of the enrollment and admission process into grade 11, all students will be supported by the University Guidance Counsellor and program coordinators to guide a best-fit approach to completing their High School Diploma and pursuing post secondary opportunities.

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