University Guidance

At BCIS, the High School level (Grades 9-12) University Guidance program is designed to support students’ academic progress through the high school years and guide students towards admission to a best-fit university, as well as post-secondary educational and career options. This is accomplished through individual and group counseling, the University Prep (UP!) program, academic advising, career planning, and working with the Learning Support teachers to ensure the best educational outcomes for all students.

The University Guidance program is delivered through the advisory program, with Grades 9 through 12 advisory teachers. The focus in Grade 9 is to identify skills, academic strengths, and personal preferences. Grade 10 explores career options and pathways. Grade 11 focuses on the university search process, from creating the college list to completing the application, resume, and personal statement, and asking teachers for recommendations. The program expands each year of high school using the self-knowledge generated and revealed in the earlier sessions.

The University Prep program is supported by the provision of an electronic university and college management system. This software system can be accessed by students and families to add information as it develops, search for universities, track applications and responses, as well as facilitate the timely sending of support documentation. Parents are be able to access certain sections of their child's file to see progress to date and participate more meaningfully in the application process.

Annie Edwards

Kelly Flanagan

Director of University Guidance

High School Counselor (Grades 9-12)

For UNIVERSITY VISITS, please contact:

Ms. Eva Ge

Assistant to Program Coordinator/Counselor

+8610 8771 7171 ext 2207

BCIS welcomes universities from all countries to visit our campus. Visits are scheduled during our advisory, from 11:05-11:45, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We also take visits after school at 15:30. To schedule your visit, please use the MaiaLearning platform.

Please note that BCIS is located in the Central Business District (CBD). University visits occur at our Main Campus on Baiziwan Nan Er Road.

Please click on the link below to see a list of the university offers related to the Class of 2018 and Class of 2019.

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