Warrior Sports

As a relatively young, but maturing school, Beijing City International School (BCIS) has built a positive culture in our Athletics program - one where personal excellence is encouraged and nurtured alongside a broad participation base where all students are welcome to become involved regardless of experience or skill level.

At BCIS, we value learning in multiple and varied of contexts. The Athletic Program provides students and coaches with important opportunities for meaningful learning within and about sporting activities and importantly about oneself.

These learnings and the opportunities to develop friendships, personal character, organizational and leadership qualities are strongly supported within a diverse range of sports offered in age-appropriate competitive situations. At BCIS, we consider such learnings and opportunities to be a valuable part of the development of the full potential of each student.

BCIS is a full member of three sports conferences: The International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC), which operates across Beijing and Tianjin; The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), which covers all of China and Mongolia; Junior International Schools Athletics Conference (JISAC), with membership from many international elementary schools in Beijing.

Within these conferences, secondary school students have the opportunity to participate in soccer, volleyball, basketball teams over a season of approximately 8 weeks for each sport. There are also one-off tournaments in badminton, table tennis, tennis, cross-country running, golf and track & field athletics. Opportunities also exist for elementary students to enjoy seasons of soccer, European handball, T-ball / coach-pitch softball, as well as one-off tournaments for table tennis, mini-volleyball, badminton, and track & field athletics.

The BCIS Water Warriors Swim Team is open to swimmers of all ages from Grade 2 to Grade 12.