Empowering and Inspiring through Challenge and Compassion

Dear ACAMIS Volleyball Community,

I would like to extend my warmest welcome, on behalf of the entire BCIS community, to Beijing City International School (BCIS).

We extend our friendship, our support, and our BCIS home facilities to you. We know that players and coaches come to the tournament fully prepared, practiced, and excited and have great expectations for the days head. We know that players make their schools, and each other, proud and they are cheered on from afar.

We also know that this is a time for new friendships to be made and, as students spend more time attending tournaments over their high school years, old friendships are maintained and nurtured too. We welcome new and old friends to BCIS for this ACAMIS volleyball tournament!

At BCIS, our students are often recognized for their sportspersonship and ability to enjoy themselves, whilst at the same time taking their sports and their commitments very seriously. We hope that all of the visitors attending the tournament will also find this right balance between sports performance and positive interactions.

Thank you to all the coaches who are accompanying their students for this tournament. This is a time for you to be proud!

Join me in thanking our Athletics & Activities Director, Darren Skov, and his team for the planning and preparation that goes into a huge event such as this.

Enjoy the days ahead and I look forward to seeing you all around.

Warm Regards,

Julie Lawton

Head of School

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