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May 07 2021


Fei Gao

One of the most anticipated events in the school calendar for our students, and an equally unforgettable highlight of their time at school is Week Without Walls (WWW). While Beijing City International School (BCIS) is situated in the heart of the city, one could say that Beijing is in the heart of China.

WWW takes our students beyond campus, enriching their learning and connecting authentically with our Chinese roots. While usually our students have voyaged and engaged with local culture both in Beijing and across China, last year the pandemic put a pause on the annual experience.

Behold, Week Without Walls returned this year with a Beijing special! Our teachers and supporting staff reignited the experience with modified trips in and around the greater Beijing area, keeping student health and safety as the priority at all times. BCISers explored the charming streets and valleys of the heart of China, camped at school and in the mountain ranges, learned with each other and from local maestros. It was certainly a week to remember for all.