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Our Secondary School is home to students from Grade 6 to 12. Through our Secondary School Learning Model, students develop as critical and creative thinkers, connected learners and purposeful doers. We achieve this by empowering students’ initiative, encouraging learning by doing, prioritizing social and emotional learning and reinforcing knowledge, concepts and context. This approach allows students to seek out their own personal learning pathways, meet personalized challenges and demonstrate success in a variety of ways.

The impact-based approach to learning equips students with the competencies and capabilities needed to adapt, thrive and contribute in a rapidly changing future.


The BCIS Secondary School (SS) is dedicated to providing positive learning experiences that challenge students to expand their comfort zones, identify and achieve success, and prioritize their well-being. BCIS SS students are highly engaged, articulate, and active in their learning journeys. Adhering to the BCIS mission, we create learning environments that are conducive to open dialogue, creative thinking, and the development of strong communication skills necessary to incite positive social change. In the 23/24 school year, students and parents can expect a learning model that advances agentic learning, multifaceted collaboration, and a range of opportunities for stakeholders to hone their leadership skills. The SS learning model, a cohesive thread that runs through our MYP, DP, and IDEATE curricula and our Advisory program, is designed to equip students with the future-ready skills and competencies needed to reach their highest potential and succeed in a continuously changing world. Further, our program in and outside of the institutional walls incorporates a balance between Western-style education and respect for the host culture, helping to enable every student to gain a sense of understanding, appreciation, and the need to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

Natalie Harvey

Secondary School Principal

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