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Biodiversity Garden

Biodiversity Garden is the rooftop garden located on the swimming pool rooftop, and it aims to attract pollinators, insects, and birds, thus enhancing biodiversity by encompassing flowers, vegetables, and other Beijing native species as well as bird feeders, bird boxes, and insect hotels. The rooftop garden is also a learning space established for students, and the garden gives them wonderful places experience and be immersed in the nature around them.

Eco Market

Eco Market Mission Statement BCIS Eco-market is a school community event focused on supporting the environment we live in. It is guided by the BCIS mission to act for the good of all and the sustainable development of the world and will feature locally sourced and created produce, green initiatives, and businesses that have a strong focus on environmental sustainability.


The UNLOCK Community, an organization that was founded in 2018 and has been continuously distributing help, love, and care to people with autism in the past few years. In the BCIS Community, students organize charity sales that have been providing products that are created, drawn, grown, and made by the kids in the autism communities. In this case, students are able to spread awareness while raising money for the donation.

Migrant Children Foundation

The Migrant Children Foundation (MCF) project, born from a CAS initiative, goes beyond teaching English for an improvisation competition. Catering to non-Beijing Hukou children unable to attend regular schools, it conducts engaging English sessions at BCIS on weekends. BCIS students organize fundraisers, facilitating free health check-ups. The project significantly impacts education and healthcare, creating avenues for a brighter future.

Memory Cafe

The Memory Cafe project, aimed at providing support to elderly individuals with Alzheimer's at Golden Height Nursing Home, focuses on tailored therapy and activities to slow down memory loss. Overcoming the challenge of building familiarity and trust, dedicated students conduct weekly visits, engaging in one-on-one conversations with each elder. Through these interactions, students document symptoms and habits, ensuring a personalized approach to care. This proactive engagement seeks to establish lasting connections and contribute to the well-being of the residents.

Girl Up

Girl up is a group of students who have made their mission to eliminate period poverty and ending period shame. They strive to create a community that cheers period positivity. Girl up is currently operating 4 projects, including pad dispensers located in girls’ bathroom for emergency situations, collaborating with the outside school organization: Lunna Natural, joining the league of PADS.NOW and holding sex education-oriented seminars for grade 5 and 6 students within BCIS. They aim to give people the knowledge and support they need for a lifetime of good mental and physical health.

Help a Child Smile

In collaboration with organizations such as the Holt China Program, Little Dew Drops, and various non-governmental organizations, Help a Child Smile, a student initiative, endeavors to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children. Within this initiative, students are actively engaged in fundraising and donation efforts to support the cause. Their commitment extends beyond financial contributions, as they consistently visit children in orphanages and NGOs, aiming to provide both financial and social service support.


PAWS, a student-driven non-profit, partners with MeiLe Dog Shelter to assist urban stray dogs. Last year, students funded the shelter through sales, fundraisers, and direct volunteering. Now, they expand impact with a cloud adoption app, fostering monthly contributions for chosen dogs. The project promotes stray animal education through digital and physical booklets, accessible online and on campus. Additionally, a live digital map streamlines pet owners' city travels. To tackle public health concerns, students collaborate with health organizations to provide repellents and vaccines for 50 urban stray dogs.


The student-led extracurricular activity, HOPE, collaborates with the NGO HOPE and the autism school Auesome Place. Its mission is to educate, raise awareness, and serve individuals with special needs. Monthly campus events feature engaging activities for autistic children, promoting understanding and inclusion. The initiative goes beyond education, aiming to integrate these children into mainstream society. Events include art, physical activities, and games, with members organizing under guidance. Weekend volunteering camps at HOPE's stud-farm provide hands-on experiences in equine therapy and assisting kids' therapy sessions, further enhancing the initiative's impact.

Sustainable Runway Fashion

The sustainable runway fashion project specializes in creating eco-friendly clothing with a focus on simplicity for everyday wear, promoting sustainable consumption and reducing fashion waste. This objective is realized through the collection of old clothing, which are repurposed to create students’ own clothing line and sourcing materials from GRNTEX, a leading advocate for Green Technology in textiles. The project operates with specialized departments, including tech, collaboration, marketing, finance, and design that work collaboratively to ensure its success in the sustainable fashion industry.