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BCIS IDEATE Program empowers high school students to take charge of their own learning by truly ideating their own path of study. Fully accredited and recognized by universities around the world, IDEATE is a personalized, inquiry-based 2-year high school diploma for senior students who want to pursue their passions, develop future-ready competencies, and apply their learning to be change-makers in their communities.

Grounded on a foundation of 3 diploma programme subject options, students also select up to 3 transdisciplinary IDEATE courses. IDEATE courses are challenging and project-based. Each IDEATE course is structured around key essential understandings while empowering students to explore their own interests in greater depth. Evidence of learning is curated in a portfolio which forms the basis of final assessment.

IDEATE teachers act as instructors, guides, facilitators and mentors who inspire and support IDEATE students to be self-directed learners. At the core of IDEATE is Seminar which includes Project and Experience. These core areas are designed to make an impact on the students, and for the students to make an impact on the world around them. Students intentionally develop and are assessed on creative and critical thinking, connected learning and purposeful doing.

Individual and group IDEATE Projects and the immersive IDEATE Experience provide a platform for students to transfer and apply knowledge and understanding, develop their passions and make a positive impact on local and global issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

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