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Each of our three libraries in the Early Childhood Center, Elementary School, and Secondary School, have been designed to create a pleasant and safe environment conducive to teaching and learning. These are shared spaces where students are empowered to read for enjoyment, as well as conduct research and continue independent learning inquiries. Our library resources help facilitate connectedness and contextualize concepts to real world situations and inspire life-long learning. The Teacher Librarians are experienced educators who collaborate with homeroom and subject teachers to integrate library and information seeking skills into the curriculum and plan and implement reading and literature appreciation activities.


BCIS Libraries support the community by providing shared resources and expertise to develop responsible users of information and foster enjoyment and confidence in becoming life-long learners.

The library is intended to be a flexible resource center for staff and students, as well as parents and the wider BCIS community. Parents are welcome to check out books and resource material from all three libraries. Resources are also available to provide information about supporting your child’s personal, social, and emotional development. Students have opportunities for book exchange through regular classes, break times, and after school. Library assistants are also available to help. The library opening hours are posted on each library door. Library staff are happy to help in any way, so come and visit!