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Established in 2017 by four seniors at BCIS, Avenir is a business competition designed to encourage secondary school students worldwide to develop pioneering business plans. The competition aims to enhance the participants' skills in entrepreneurship, social enterprise thinking, positive networking, and allows them to receive critical feedback from business professionals.

Avenir takes secondary school students' ideas to the next level by fostering an innovative mindset and offering numerous prizes and resources. The experience of competing in Avenir requires participants to be collaborative and do extensive market research in industries, practice and enhance public speaking skills, and build confidence in presenting arguments as a group. Students participate in this program and develop ideas to address demanding challenges. 

Avenir aims towards envisioning future businesses that work for the good of all & the sustainable development of the world.



Avenir 2024 Theme: Social Enterprising

Dear Young Entrepreneurs,

This year, we encourage you to base your ideas around the concept of social enterprising. Social enterprising is a model for businesses with specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. A social enterprise seeks to maximize its profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment.

Whether starting from scratch or making improvements on existing products, social enterprising can be applied to all business ideas to make benefits towards our community, environment, and society.

Avenir 2024 Timeline:

• Registration and submission open: November 2023 - March 2024

• Workshop & Advice: March 2024

• Competition: April 20th & April 21st, 2024

Cost of Entry per person:

• 260 RMB for Early Bird (register before February 10, 2024)

• 360 RMB for Regular Registration (register before March 8, 2024), 

• Payment due on March 15th

*6% additional charge for Fapiao.

Registration is open now for any teams that wish to register for Avenir 2024 and confirmation of your participation in the competition will be sent once we have reviewed your Registration Survey filled out in the link below:


Avenir 2024 Rules:

Each Avenir submission and presentation represents an original work that has been created by a team of 2- 4 secondary school students from Grade 8-12.

Two Divisions:

Junior division: G8-9 | Senior division: G10-12

Team members have the authority to submit/present their original work by virtue of their ownership of the content (or the expressed permission of any non-participating content owners).

The submission/presentation does not disclose any third-party intellectual property or violate any existing copyright protections.

The Avenir leadership team maintains sole discretion to interpret, modify or eliminate any of the competition’s rules, terms, and conditions at any time and without notice. That said, the primary purpose of the Avenir rules, terms, and conditions is to provide equality of opportunity while also promoting a positive and impactful learning experience for all participants.

If you are interested in participating in Avenir 2024, either as a sponsor, speaker, mentor, or judge, please email us at or


Questions? Email us at