We Are Back!

After eight months of waiting for the COVID-19 situation in China to get better, we are happy to announce that the annual BCIS Avenir Business Competition is back! We would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and continual interests in our event.


What is it?

Avenir is a business competition aimed for high school students to provide opportunities for sustainable entrepreneurship, social enterprise thinking, positive networking, and receiving critical feedback from experts & other global student teams. The event aims towards envisioning future businesses that work for the good of all & the sustainable development of the world.

In the 2020-2021 school year, the Avenir Business Competition will be held from April 18-19th, 2021. Registration will soon be open for any teams that wish to register for Avenir 2021 and confirmation of your participation into the competition will be sent once we have reviewed your applications.

If your team has already been accepted into the competition previously (congratulations again) for Avenir 2020, a confirmation email will be sent soon for you to confirm your participation. We hope that you will still be able to attend the competition on the rescheduled date.


Date of event: April 18-19th, 2021

Cost of Entry per person: 260 RMB for Early Bird (before Jan. 31st, 2021); and 360 RMB for Regular Registration (deadline before Feb. 30th, 2021). 6% additional charge for Fapiao.

Considering the policy of entering mainland China due to the COVID condition overseas, this year we offer the opportunities to teams from areas outside mainland China to participate on Zoom.

Cost of Entry per person on Zoom: 200 RMB for Early Bird (before Jan. 31st, 2021); and 270 RMB for Regular Registration (deadline before Feb. 30th, 2021). 6% additional charge for Fapiao.

What does that get you?

  • Exclusive feedback with real entrepreneurs
  • Compete with other teams
  • Certificates and Awards
  • Entry into a dynamic networking event with dinner and snacks (Zoomers not included)
  • One lunch, drinks and refreshments (Zoomers not included)


Notice: The following is only a brief overview of how the 2-day event will look like. A more detailed schedule will be sent out later to participants once it is finalized by our event-planning team.

Day 1:

-Meet your Mentors, an experienced entrepreneur interested in hearing your ideas and providing you with the essential feedback

-Listen to inspiring keynote speakers talk about their experiences setting up businesses and the challenges they overcame

-Learn how to level up your business plan with a focus on sustainability

-Network with mentors, keynote speakers and fellow participants at an event

Day 2:

-Pitch your business idea to a panel of judges

-Compete and win big prizes to further your business idea

Benefits of getting involved:

For teachers:

Provide students with real world experiences

Bring IBDP Business Management to life

Give MYP Personal Project a platform

Listen to Keynotes from local entrepreneurs

Networking opportunities

For students:

Pitch ideas to real entrepreneurs

Chance to win prize money to implement ideas

Listen to Keynote Speakers from local entrepreneurs

Receive feedback from entrepreneurial mentors

If you are interested in competing in Avenir 2021, please fill out the registration form using this link or scanning the QR code below.

If you are interested in participating in Avenir 2021, either as a sponsor, speaker, mentor or judge, please email us at avenir@bcis.cn.

Follow us on our WeChat official account @AvenirEducation and @avenirbcis on Instagram for further notices! We’re looking forward to your participation in Avenir 2021!

Questions? Email us at avenir@bcis.cn.