Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Process

1. How does the application process work?

Families who wish to apply should complete the online application form at https://bcis.openapply.cn. Applicants should provide and upload all the supporting documents as required in the Application Checklist. If seats are available in the grade level, applicants and families will be invited to attend a testing and/or interview. All supporting documents must be submitted before the testing and/or interview can be conducted. The family will be notified by the admissions team on the availability of a place after the interview.

2. What are the admission criteria for applicants?

We accept students of all nationalities and work to maintain a balanced enrollment based on gender, academic history, the student’s passions and interests, English language proficiency, and the make-up of the whole student body. We welcome students and families who understand and support the school’s mission, philosophy, and goals. However, admission to BCIS is competitive due to limitation in seat availability. Admission is through interview/assessment and depends, above all, on the student’s ability to benefit from our education.

3. Does BCIS have an application deadline?

Application process for our August intake starts in October of the previous year and ends on January 31 of the next year. To be considered in the first round, families must complete the online application and submit all supporting documents by January 31.

To accommodate families moving to Beijing in the middle of our school year, we offer a rolling admission process to students joining throughout the term.

4. How long does the admissions process take?

If your application meets our entrance requirements, our admissions staff will contact you to arrange an interview once you have completed your application with all the supporting documents and when a place in your grade level is available. Results of your application will be sent to you by email at the soonest.

5. Is there an application fee?

The application fee for the 2020-2021 School Year is RMB 3,000, and is payable before an interview/assessment.

6. What should I do if I have technical difficulties using the online application form?

If you experience technical difficulties, please first try on other computers or update your internet browser. The supported browsers are the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 11.

To request further support, please contact the BCIS Admissions Office at admissions@bcis.cn or +86 10 87717171.

7. How do I correct a mistake on the application form?

Please contact your admissions officers if you would like to make changes to the online application form.

8. Does BCIS admit local Chinese national students?

BCIS admits students of all nationalities, including Chinese national students.

9. Where can I find your tuition fee information?

2019-2020 School Fees

10. How are new students transitioned into BCIS?

All new students from Grade 1 joining from the beginning of the school year must attend a two-week transition program – XperienceBCIS – from the end of July. XperienceBCIS, taught by BCIS teachers, is designed for all new students to help them better prepare for the transition they may face in a new school environment.

Students joining during the school year will be assigned a buddy on the first few days of school. Faculty staff will all work together to ensure a smooth transition for the student and the family.

School Program and Supports

1. Where is BCIS located in Beijing?

The two campuses – Early Childhood Center and Main Campus – are located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) within one kilometer of the China World Trade Center in Beijing. The two purpose-built facilities are specifically designed to provide a stimulating and safe learning environment with our ECC, which has earned gold level LEED Certification.

2. What curriculum does BCIS provide?

BCIS is authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). English is our main language of instruction.

With the approval of the Education Committee of Chaoyang District, Beijing, our rigorous curriculum creatively and authentically implements the Chinese national curriculum.

Please click here for more information about the IB Programme. You may also find more details by visiting IBO’s website at www.ibo.org

3. Does BCIS have a boarding program?

No. BCIS is a day school. We are located in Shuangjing, within the Central Business District (CBD) of Beijing. School bus services are provided.

4. What is your class capacity for each grade level?

  • Toddler Program: Maximum 15 students in a class.
  • Nursery: Maximum 16 students in a class.
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten: Maximum 19 students in a class.
  • From Grade 1 to Grade 12: Maximum 23 students in a class.

5. What co-curricular activities does BCIS provide?

There are a variety of Enrichment Activities (EA) offered to students in Elementary School and Secondary School throughout the school year. The activities are offered from 15:30 to 17:30. All students are encouraged to take part. Activities include BCIS charities, sports, arts, and student-led clubs.

6. Does BCIS provide school lunches?

School lunches and snacks at BCIS are provided by our caterer, Aden Services, in our campuses. For Toddler through Kindergarten, daily lunch and snacks are included in the tuition fee. Students in Grade 1 to Grade 12 are able to purchase their own lunches with their pre-loaded student pass.

7. Does BCIS provide school bus services?

BCIS provides school bus services to most popular residences in the city and along the airport expressway. School buses have filtered air and are fully equipped with seat belts. There is also a bus assistant on board each bus to ensure the safety of the students. School bus fees vary from RMB 13,000 to RMB 19,000 per school year according to the distance from the school.

8. Does BCIS have school uniforms?

BCIS does not have school uniforms. However, students must follow the Dress Codes as delineated in the Parent Student Handbooks.

Students are issued with PE uniforms for the summer and the winter months. They are required to wear these on the days they have PE, or on other sporting days. Students must also wear appropriate footwear for PE lessons.

9. Does BCIS provide a Student Support Program?

BCIS offers a whole-school, comprehensive Student Support program. A Secondary School Counselor, a whole-school Counselor, and an Elementary School Counselor complement and support the work of one ECC School Learning Support (LS) Teacher, two Elementary LS teachers, and two Secondary School LS teachers.

The Student Support program exists to ensure that the individual needs of all students are met. The program merges the expertise of Guidance Counselors and LS teachers to create a comprehensive service that is better able to support a wide range of student needs. The Counselors support students with social, emotional, or behavioral needs, as well as facilitate entrance to tertiary education. The LS teachers, in collaboration with classroom teachers, support students at both ends of the learning continuum, including students with learning needs and students who are highly capable.

10. Where do BCIS graduates go to universities?

BCIS graduates go to universities around the world. You may refer to the BCIS School Profile for a list of universities that our graduates have been accepted to.

BCIS School Profile

11. Does BCIS provide scholarships?

Students applying to Grade 9 or above with exceptional academic records or talents may apply for either the Academic Scholarship or Merit Scholarship with their application. For more details, please click on Scholarship Program.