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School Bus Service

All BCIS students are entitled to a safe and peaceful journey to and from school. In order for this to happen, we encourage all parents and students to read the following information and talk about it at home.

If you would like to learn more about the school bus service, or are interested in using it, please fill the TRANSPORT APPLICATION FORM and send it to

If you have any questions, please contact:

BCIS School Bus Coordinator:

BCIS ECC School Bus Coordinator:

Ms. Rebecca Li

Ms. Lydia Sun

Tel: 87717171. ext 6017

Tel: 67700766 ext. 3062

Mobile Phone: 18701469648

Mobile Phone: 18513915734



School Bus Schedule

BCIS Main Campus


Morning Arrival Time at BCIS Main Campus: 08:10

Morning Arrival Time at BCIS ECC Campus: 08:20

Afternoon Departure Time from BCIS Main Campus:

Afternoon Departure Time from ECC Campus:

Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri: 15:45 (Regular Bus); 16:45 (EA Bus)

17:40 (Late Bus, SS students only)

Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri: 15:30 (Regular Bus);

16:30 (EA Bus, only for KG's EA held by ECC)

Wed: 14:55 (Regular Bus); 15:45 (EA Bus);

17:40 (Late Bus, SS students only);

Wed: 14:40 (Regular Bus).

School Bus Service Scope

Pick-Up and Drop-Off School Bus

School Buses will be in operation every morning and afternoon, except the morning of the first school day, to pick up and drop off students in school days, unless otherwise told to parents in advance.

Main Campus

School bus attendant will do bus students attendance in the morning and in the afternoon to ensure all the bus students get on the bus. In the morning, bus attendant will get contact with parents if student does not show up at the bus stop. In the afternoon, bus attendant will ensure all ES bus students get on the bus, a call will be made to parents if ES student does not board the bus.

SS students have regular bus, EA bus and late bus to choose in the afternoon without the need of informing bus attendant.

After bus arrives at bus stop, ES students are supposed to be picked up by their parents or caregiver with parent or pick-up card at the bus stop and in the afternoon to ensure the safety of the bus students.

ECC Campus

In the morning, student handed to bus attendant by parent or caregiver, then get on the bus. In the afternoon, student sent to assembling place, bus attendant lead students to get on the bus after bus coordinator confirmed. Student handed to parent or caregiver at the bus stop.

Free Shuttle Bus

Two Shuttle Buses operate every 15 minutes between the BCIS Main Campus and ECC Campus from 07:30 to 17:30 on school days.

EA Bus and Late Bus

Besides the Regular Buses, EA Buses, and Late Buses are provided to students every afternoon of school days as well.

Brief introduction of School Bus Service Provider - Qi Dian(Beijing) School Bus Operation Management Co. Ltd.

Qi Dian (Beijing) School Bus Operation Management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qi Dian”) is a school bus company that holds the professional school bus operation qualification authorized by the government. Its registered capital is 50 million RMB. They provide school bus service from 2013. By the virtues of successful management experience, high service standards, intellectualized management skills, and professionalized service team, Qi Dian earned a good reputation from the excellent school bus service for international schools, such as Beijing Canada International School,

Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy, HD Beijing Bilingual School,Beijing Financial Street Rinze School, Korean International School in Beijing, Yew Wah International Education School, Beijing Tongzhou HuaRen School, Qingdao JiaHuangZhongJia School, Hefei Canada International School, and Kunming YunXiZhongJia School. Its core business technology and core competence are innovations in its strategy, brand, and culture.

From Aug. 2017, Qi Dian began to provide school bus service for BCIS with official school buses complying with the national standards with standardized professional service and management.

The characteristics of the school bus services are mainly stated below:

1. Formal School Buses: formal school buses are provided, which are in line with the national standards and Beijing – Six emission standard for service.

2. Air Purification System: All school buses have a vehicle-mounted air purification system installed for filtering the air for students’ health.

3. Precision GPS System: Parents will be able to know the position of the school buses in real time so they may easily follow student pick-up and drop-off points. In addition, parents will also be able to know the school bus attendance record of their kids through WeChat. Therefore, the safe operation of school buses is guaranteed in every aspect.

4. Professional Drivers and Bus Attendants: Professional drivers with the proper qualifications of school bus driving, as well as trained bus attendants are provided.