Protocol for Scholarship Program

The purpose of the BCIS Scholarship Program is to promote excellence in the Secondary School by awarding scholarships to extraordinary students, irrespective of their families’ financial status.

BCIS Scholarships are investments in the personal, creative, and intellectual development of each student. The educational opportunities made possible by these scholarships encourage each student to give back to her/his community and participate in an ongoing network of support for BCIS’ alumni program.

BCIS Scholarships are normally awarded to students in their final four years of school (exceptional students aged at least 14 years by August 31 of the relevant school year). In Grades 11 and 12, scholarship awardees are required to study either the full IB Diploma Programme or the BCIS IDEATE Program. Students awarded scholarships are expected to complete High School at BCIS.

BCIS awards two kinds of scholarship: academic scholarships and merit scholarships, which are intended to inspire and nurture exceptional talents for students who embody and exemplify the mission and vision of BCIS.

Academic scholarships are awarded annually as determined by academic achievement and academic potential. Merit scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of evidence of high achievement and outstanding academic or non-academic potential in a specific area of endeavor in the fields of sport, writing, the arts, mathematics, science, and technology.

Eligibility of Candidates

Applications are invited both from students currently enrolled at BCIS and from students enrolled in other schools. Students of all nationalities from Grades 9 to 12 are eligible to apply (and exceptional students aged at least 14 years by August 31 of the relevant school year may be considered).

Overseas students from families planning to move to Beijing for the start of the relevant school year are also eligible to apply.


Students applying for a BCIS scholarship are required to:

  • Write a one-page essay or written personal statement that indicates why the student believes that he/she should receive a BCIS scholarship award and that addresses how the student will contribute as an alumnus after graduation, including the student’s achievements and aspirations.
  • BCIS IDEATE Program candidates should specifically refer to how they will embody the spirit of the program and justify how they will excel in a specialization of their choice.
  • The student is also required to have two faculty members submit letters of recommendation, including:
    • One recommendation for Academic Excellence or Merit as applicable, and
    • One recommendation for Character.
    • The letters should comment personally about the student’s achievement and contributions they have made to the community.
  • In addition to the essay and letters of recommendation, the selection process includes a panel interview.


2020-2021 academic year: Internal scholarship application closing date April 1, 2020.

Additional external scholarships may apply up to August 1 of the new academic year.


  1. All current BCIS student scholarship applications must be submitted to the BCIS Secondary School Principal.
  2. New student scholarship applications must be submitted to the BCIS Office of Admissions via the online admission application process (

No.77 Baiziwan Nan Er Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022, P.R.China

Fax: (86)010 8771 7778

Scholarship Notification

Scholarship notifications will be in writing by May 31, from the Office of Admissions.


For any questions please contact either the BCIS Admissions Office or the BCIS Secondary School Principal.

Tel: (86)010 8771 7171

Email :

Email :