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Once a BCISer, Always a BCISer!

BCIS Alumni Wall

BCIS Alumni Wall is at the entrance of Secondary School building. This will be a long-term, annual project, a collaboration between alumni ambassadors and student volunteers. The Alumni Wall showcases the achievements of different alumni in different fields, inspires students to follow their passion while living the BCIS mission  wherever they are around the world. 


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Upcoming events

Alumni Open Day – June 18th, 2024

Previous event 

10 Years Reunion of BCIS Class of 2014 – April 6, 2024

Alumni student online discussions – November, 2024

New York Alumni Association pickle ball game – October 2023

Alumni Open Day – June 20, 2023 

10 years celebration for Class of 2013 – May 2023

Check more previous events highlight in Alumni portal

Alumni Portal – communication hub for BCIS Alumni 

BCIS Alumni Portal is an exclusive communication hub for enhancing our BCIS Alumni Network, designed by four alumni, Rose, Tom, Hower and Crystal, in cooperation with BCIS IT department, coordinated and operated by BCIS Alumni Relations Team. 

In this alumni portal, you will see other alumni’s updates, recent BCIS Alumni newsletters, upcoming alumni events details and all graduation photos since 2009.

Looking forward to meeting with you in BCIS Alumni Portal. 


Alumni Pass 

We offer the Alumni Pass for alumni who live in Beijing and will use school facility regularly. Alumni Pass should be renewed every three years. 

Want to apply for your Alumni Pass? Click here PDF 

Visit BCIS

If coming for an occasional event or to visit your teachers, please contact the Alumni Relations Office through email, Instagram, or WeChat at least 3 days in advance.

If you are under 18 years of age, you will need adult supervision while you are on campus. Alternatively, you could attend the One-Day Student Experience Program provided by BCIS Secondary School. BCIS offers this program for students who want to experience a regular school day with their BCIS friends. You will need an invitation from our current students and permission from teachers and the Secondary School Principal in advance. Please contact the Secondary School secretary for more information.

BCIS Alumni Relations Team works conscientiously to:

Keep alumni connected with BCIS community and informed about its news. Connect alumni with each other and with current BCIS students for mutual benefits. Organize local and international alumni events, work closely with alumni ambassadors, student volunteers. Help alumni with visiting BCIS campus and using school facilities.

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Gaia Zhao – Alumni Relations Officer

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Eva Dong – BCIS New York Alumni Association leader

BCIS Alumni Network


Connect with us!

WeChat: BCIS Alumni Group

Instagram: bcis.alumni

LinkedIn: Alumni Relations 



Phone: +8610 8771 7171 / +86 185 1056 274