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Mar 19 2021

The Long-Awaited Visit! THE LONG-AWAITED VISIT!

Fei Gao

Each morning this week has been extra special as we welcomed Grade 1 parents and new Elementary School parents to visit main campus for the very first time this year. To top it off, their campus guides were none other than some of our most experienced BCISers, our phenomenal Grade 5 students.

Grade 5 Campus Guides

Beijing City International School's (BCIS) Elementary School Principal, Ms Sally Richmond, playfully reminded the campus guides to only show the "good bits" of the school, in which a student responded: "But there are no bad bits in the Elementary School!" The proud Grade 5s confidently led the small groups of new parents around their very own world, home, their BCIS.

Special Bonds

Closely following the Grade 5 guides through the passages, our new parents witnessed the special relationships between our students and teachers while catching moments of their children in action. Our young guides are the walking testimonies of BCIS teachers' student-centered approach to learning.

Imagine No More!

Before, when our new families asked their children, "how was your day?", they had to imagine the scenes from their stories and kaleidoscope descriptions. Now, our parents can finally relish in our campus and relive the stories told by our students at the end of the school day. Welcome Home, to our Grade 1 and new Elementary School families!

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