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Jul 10 2020


Fei Gao

In the same way that there are many ways to learn, there are also many ways to share our learning. Our 26th issue of BCIS Xue Xi is a particularly special one as our reflective thinkers have displayed their sentiments in a historic and life-changing semester. In light of COVID-19's swinging transformation from classroom to online learning and to blended learning, the theme for this issue is "BCISpirit in Action" where students have focused on wellbeing, health and sustainability.

Our students' generosity of their time and knowledge, resourcefulness in raising funds, sharing perspectives, and stretching BCIS community further into other people's lives is impressive. We also hope that you will be inspired to add another page in our memory book, that is Xue Xi, in the forthcoming year. Please join us in celebrating our extraordinary students and keeping 'BCISpirit in Action' contagious.

When we look back on this time, and ask our dear friends and family, "Do you remember when we sanitized our hands until even moisturizer became dry?", or "Do you remember when everyone's facial features did not exceed eyes and eyebrows?", we will have this priceless reminder. A reminder in a little book of the things our children said and did, how they championed this season while greatly contributing to the sustainability and wellbeing of the world around them.

#BCISpirit #BCIScommunity