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May 29 2020


Dennis Wang

Beijing City International School (BCIS) Elementary School (ES) Spirit Week has always been an eagerly awaited event by staff and students alike, with the entire school section coming together to celebrate their community spirit and have some fun!

This year, our ES community didn't let the unique and difficult set of circumstances stand in their way and were determined to meet this #BCISchallenge. The Student Council forged ahead, setting up dedicated Seesaw groups and connecting through Zoom calls to organize themed activities for all ES students to take part in from home. Student Council representatives surveyed their classmates for ideas and worked with teachers to hand out questionnaires. After gathering responses, the five most popular activities and themes chosen by students were: planting plants, recycling, Toy Story (of course!), story time and exercise.

Students began their Spirit Week fun and videos, pictures and accounts of their activities were flooding in from Monday morning! From students out planting in the garden, upcycling trash into artwork, rummaging through cupboards to find long lost toys to use in story time, to keeping fit and healthy with a home workout, everybody's passion and smiles beamed out to the community wherever they were participating from. Whilst the #BCIScommunity may have only been able to connect through screens, the connectedness we have as a BCIS family was as strong as ever! From the pictures you can see the deep passion and care our students and staff have for the environment, for physical and mental health, and most of all for one another now that's #BCISpirit.