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Mar 05 2020


Dennis Wang

Established in 2005, BCIS will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2020. Our Alumni Network comprises almost 400 graduates, plus many former faculty, students and their families who have been BCIS community members. The BCIS Alumni Relations Team is eager to maintain strong connections with all of you.

Who we are

Director of Communications, Mr. Phil Clark:

Although our school campus is currently closed because of the coronavirus, the work of BCIS Alumni Relations continues. I am very excited to introduce to you our new Alumni Relations Team.

Alumni Relations Officer, Tianyu Li:

I'm one of the BCIS alumni in Class of 2015, so I certainly can relate with your experience here. My personal goal is to work with the team to ensure our campus and events are worth coming back for, improve opportunities for campus visiting and using the school facilities. I'm looking forward to hearing from many of you in the future so we can make our alumni community thrive together.

Alumni Relations Assistant, Gaia Zhao:

I graduated in business and marketing and am studying part-time in cultural management. I enjoy visiting museums and galleries, I look forward to communicating and getting to know our BCIS alumni. Every student who left here represents not only the past but the future with BCIS. Please feel free to share with us what you have learned recently in your exciting journey through university or work. Welcome back to BCIS!

Our plan

We are working on the following things to build a lively alumni network and encourage interactions between you and our current students:

  • Regular communication with you on multiple social media
  • Events – locally in Beijing and internationally, alumni invited to attend school events
  • Connecting alumni with current students for mutual benefits
  • New alumni souvenirs & merchandise

To help us do better in celebrating our accomplishments and envisioning our future together , it is crucial for us to hear your voice.

Here's a quick survey with just a couple of quick questions , hopefully you can spare a minute or two to share some information with us.

If you care to share about anything at all, whether it's a photo of you, some suggestions, or just want to chat, please don't hesitate to write to us by sending an email to or message any of our social media accounts. We truly appreciate your feedback and hope to see you soon.