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Feb 07 2020


Dennis Wang

In response to advice from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing City International School (BCIS) has delayed reopening the campus after the Chinese New Year holiday until further notice. The school leadership team informed the BCIS community of this decision and of the school's priorities to maintain a highly controlled, low-risk health environment for our community members and ensure minimal disruption to our students' education.


This period has brought about an unprecedented challenge for the BCIS community and is impacting community members in many ways. In the past few weeks, BCIS teachers and staff have responded rapidly and collaborated to meet this challenge with incredible strength and spirit. We have established an online learning environment and have made personalized arrangements to meet individual student learning needs. At the same time, we have recommended to parents to prioritize the health and safety of their children, provide them with a comfortable environment for study and encourage their children to manage their time reasonably.


Following the Chinese New Year holiday when many of our community members are not in Beijing or China, the feeling of connectedness is even more important. Through the BCIS online learning environment, we can ensure there is minimal disruption to our students' education, as well as remain deeply connected with the wider BCIS community.


We are utilizing online platforms and communication channels to deliver online teaching and learning. As always, we will share important information regarding online learning, health protection, policy changes, etc. with community members initially through email, then social media, WeChat groups and various online teaching platforms updates, as the situation develops. If students or parents have any needs they can also communicate directly with their class teacher, the curriculum coordinator, the school section principal and the head of school via email.


We value each and every member of the BCIS community and their wellbeing. At present, teachers and students are required to report any changes in their temperature or itinerary to ensure the school is aware and can provide any necessary support. In order to ensure the normal operation of the school, key members of our administration team have returned to campus to lead and support our community during this period. At the same time, regular disinfection and sterilization is being carried out at both the main and ECC campus to guarantee the safe and clean condition of the premises.

We hope that with the joint efforts of the whole BCIS community, we can return to campus as soon as possible and share another moment of #BCIScelebration.