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Dec 06 2019


Dennis Wang

Each summer Beijing City International School (BCIS) sends off a cohort of students onto the next stage of their lives, however, wherever our alumnis' journeys take them they not only become a part of the vibrant BCIS global alumni network but will always remain a part of the #BCIScommunity.

Recently, BCIS welcomed Selina, Class of 2012 graduate, back to campus to share her post-graduation experience with current Grade 12 IDEATE students. Selina is now a shoe designer who has established her own design company with partners based in Beijing, however, as she explained to students, she didn't just walk into this position. After graduating with a degree majored in industrial design, Selina spent time in Tokyo and then New York to pursue a career in fashion, finding work as an assistant in a shoe design studio. From making coffees and answering the phone, Selina gained insight into all the aspects of the business from design to production and sales. After this, she decided to move back to Beijing to start her own shoe design and production company. Selina initially started out running her company entirely independently, however, she found by partnering with the right people she would be able to better realize her goals and connect her products with her customers.

For our IDEATE Grade 12 students, they have completed most of their assignments and are now deep into the college application process. Selina shared some techniques she has found useful for navigating the professional world, such as being proactive, using confidence to be a good listener, and finding the right moment to speak with impact. Selina also advised her soon-to-be fellow alumni, whether communicating with the college admissions department, a potential employer or business connection, maintaining contact is crucial to remaining in that person's vision and getting results from interactions. Finally, Selina urged each of the students to aim to stay at the forefront of their fields and to keep pushing themselves to be open to new ideas and opportunities.

We value and encourage alumni engagement such as Selina's time with IDEATE students, it provided a great opportunity for knowledge-sharing among the BCIS community and the chance to build bonds between alumni and current students.