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Nov 22 2019


Dennis Wang

The IDEATE Diploma Program offers students voice and choice in their final two years of Secondary School. Students are challenged to explore their own ideas and transform their learning through meaningful educational pursuits. The program embraces and develops students' strengths, talents, and skills that support future aspirations.

This personalized program is centered on developing the following four impacts: critical thinking, creative thinking, purposeful doing, and connected learning. Student learning is evaluated through a variety of tools, such as investigations, portfolios, projects, exhibitions, tests, experience, and problem-solving activities. The IDEATE curriculum includes:

  • Courses and classes which align with IDEATE's four key impacts;
  • The IDEATE Project Course which builds students' skills, interests, and strengths in order to pioneer an entrepreneurial project;
  • The Wen Xing Zhong Xin Portfolio which requires IDEATE students to curate a collection of portfolio entries to showcase learning and character development;
  • Service Learning and Work Experience Course which provides students opportunities to apply their learning in authentic contexts.

BCIS' IDEATE Diploma Program is widely recognized and acclaimed as an innovative, future-focused alternative to traditional high school courses for university entrance and life beyond.The IDEATE Diploma Program is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

The BCIS leadership team and college counsellors have presented the innovative IDEATE Diploma Program at conferences for international educational leaders, educators and universities in the USA, Asia and Europe.

"I chose to study the IDEATE program because I thought it would suit my learning style better since I am a kinesthetic learner. As IDEATE courses are more project-based, I knew that choosing this program would benefit my learning. Knowing that I would have all the help I would need from student support and IDEATE teachers I made the decision with ease. I hope to be involved with extracurricular activities and take part in learning experiences outside of school to explore my interests." - Allan, Grade 12 IDEATE student