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Nov 15 2019


Dennis Wang

At Beijing City International School (BCIS) we have a school-wide commitment to be more sustainable. These efforts have seen incredible results; from student-led initiatives such as our Eco Warriors, to organizational practices of reducing paper and power usage. As a part of this campaign, a sustainability focus has also been integrated into our curriculums. Grade 5 students recently displayed their passion and involvement for sustainability by exhibiting their sustainable development and energy-saving projects to all Elementary School students, parents and staff. The projects are the result of in-depth research by students on how they can develop and implement more sustainable practices or infrastructure in the environment around them.

The results are incredible! To bring their research and ideas into the physical world, students created models using recycled materials from our MakerSpace. One student model proposed installing a sky garden to their local mall, whilst another student created a blueprint for how a school could be powered by solar, wind and sea power. On a smaller scale but with equal impact, a group of students performed experiments measuring the use of low-energy LED lighting on the plant growth – concluding that by using only a purple low-energy LED light plant growth increased.

For fifth grade students this project embodies the PYP inquiry-based approach as well as incorporating our school mission of "acting for the good of all and the sustainable development of the world." These students displayed incredible passion for an issue that impact all levels of society, using their creativity and ingenuity to develop projects for a better future.