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Oct 31 2019


Dennis Wang

Beijing City International School (BCIS) is blessed to be home to families from 29 countries. To celebrate our diverse community and United Nations Day, the Parent Teacher Association organized an International Lunch last Friday. This BCIS tradition brings together the school community for a wonderful feast and allows people to share in one another's culture and culinary delights!

Eating and sharing food was of course the top priority of the day. As the default hosts of this event, the Chinese parent contingent put on an incredible spread of food with mouth-watering dishes of liangpi noodles, beef stew, pork buns, fried rice and much much more. The Korean delegation was as strong as ever, providing fried rice cakes and spicy noodle salad for everyone, next to them lay a beautiful spread of Indian samosas, bhajis and kebabs. Our very own Head of School, Julie Lawton, showed off her culinary flare serving up the traditional British dish of shepherd's pie. On the next table over, Polish parents were offering perogies and luscious stuffed cabbage to all who stopped by. From across the Pacific, teachers and parents from the US of A pleased crowds with their dessert selection of pies, cupcakes and ice cream, whilst South American treats of rice, beans and stewed chicken put smiles on the faces of many.

Whilst some community members chose to wear their nation's traditional dress, many put their own nation's twist on their service. Chinese parents, moms especially, are famous for piling passerby's plates high with delicious snacks. Meanwhile, the Australian table held up an inflatable kangaroo to attract hungry eyes to their offerings from down under. Jose, an American teacher, advertised his country's delicacies by proudly waving American flags, luring in many a customer. Parents from all nations served food so incredibly generously and provided the whole school with a lunch to remember!

This event is an important way in which BCIS celebrates its diverse community. We value and appreciate each and every one of our community families and the effort they put in to make this day so very special.