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Oct 18 2019


Dennis Wang

As the leaves on the gingko tree at the heart of BCIS's main campus turn golden and the Autumn drizzle falls, the stage lights of the BCIS theatre are on full beam for this year's BCIS Idol!

After weeks of preparation, last Friday night saw BCIS students take to the stage in a show of incredible skill and talent. A total of 16 acts performed in front an excited crowd of eager BCIS staff, students and families. Electrifying band performances of the songs "Drag Me Down" and "Shots", as well as truly moving renditions of "Like I'm gonna lose you", "Attention" and Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" echoed out over the BCIS campus. To much audience applause, the school's finest chorus groups performed recent hits, such as Drake's "Hotline Bling" and the Chinese ballad"Mercury". Whilst musicians and singers serenaded the audience, dance performers dazzled them with their smooth moves, including the Secondary School troupe who performed a choreographed piece to the song "Never Ever".

Each and every performer gave their all to be the BCIS Idol, but there were a few acts who especially stood out. Eduard Vasile Beloiu, Julian Leon-Adrian Beloiu and Moses Sincere Brown won the audience over with their rendition of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", taking home both the Best Musical Ensemble and Audience Choice awards. The evening also saw Lisa Hu bag the Best Dance award and Sophia Wu take home the Best individual award. Whilst there can only be a few select award winners, this was an evening filled with talent, enthusiasm and a passion for the performing arts.

Usually you would find this lively group of performers sitting quietly in the library reading, writing a paper in the hallway, practicing their volleyball serve in the gym or adding touches to their artwork in the studio, but on this night they took to the stage and gave the audience a show to remember. By providing students outlets – academic, artistic and otherwise – they have the opportunity to develop diverse talents and capabilities, best preparing them for their future journeys. BCIS Idol is one of the many activities we hold to encourage students to challenge and express themselves. As always, our students rose to the challenge and expressed themselves beautifully.