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Jun 03 2019


Greg Choi

The BCIS PTA celebrated the end of the 1819 school year with a class party on Monday, May 27, 2019. The PTA is grateful for the great support provided by the school. We are especially thankful for being able to use school facilities to hold a wide range of classes for our members. Because of this opportunity, volunteer parents kindly took time from their busy schedules to teach subjects such as English, Chinese, Korean, French, Chinese painting, knitting, crafting, and belly dancing.

At the celebration, members of the PTA took part in group and solo performances with elegance and self-confidence that showed what they learned over the past year. Some of the highlights of the day included dancing and singing numbers, poem recitation, tongue twisters, and other fun games. All the performances were wonderfully staged and coordinated. One of the most different and challenging in particular was done by a mother that naturally and beautifully sang traditional Yu Opera from Henan province. For a moment, it seemed like the audience was watching a professional live show. Another highlight was the effortless recitation of an English poem by a very proud grandma.

Photos and videos of the day have already been posted on the official PTA WeChat group.

While enjoying our end of year party, we also said goodbye to two mothers and one grandma who will not be here in the upcoming school year.

The PTA would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and wish everyone in the community a great summer vacation! See you in the next school year!

(Article contributed by the PTA)