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May 17 2019


Greg Choi

The BCIS mission is to challenge and empower students to be compassionate and inspired people, who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world.

Every year, the Help a Child Smile art exhibition held at the ECC is a popular feature on the school calendar. Large crowds always gather to see (and purchase) wonderful artwork, ranging from paintings and collages to jewelry, mini statues, collaborative projects, and more, the students make for a truly worthy cause. This cause is, of course, raising funds to help children in need receive life-altering cleft lip surgery. The event clearly shows how the foundation of living our mission is laid with even our youngest community members. As part of this annual tradition, all children from each grade level play various roles and possess numerous responsibilities, showing great maturity and wisdom at even such a young age!

This year, certain grade levels changed the routine a bit by holding a series of events every Friday throughout the month of April. They invited parents, guardians, and friends to stop by their very own pop-up market to purchase freshly-squeezed juice and homemade baked goods, as well as even create their own knick-knacks at tables set up with all materials readily available. Some children went around with signs asking visitors to kindly buy juice, while others waited at the appropriate stations to either take money or serve guests. We cannot emphasize enough how amazing this entire operation was since every task was completed by these very young, confident, and capable students!

Every child at the ECC played a great role in contributing their time, energy, and efforts for another amazing exhibition this year. They displayed great mastery over the various responsibilities they possessed. While most people these days sit back and simply observe the world, especially matters regarding public welfare and donations, the students at the ECC stood up, rolled up their sleeves, and took essential action. They created masterpieces, made delicious treats, set up areas for visitors, and invited guests to do a little good in this world together. In turn, they made a great difference in people's lives through the kindness of their hearts.

(Please note that all proceeds from the exhibition will go to the Help a Child Smile organization).