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May 09 2019


Greg Choi

Listening to stories is one of the great joys in life, especially for children. That is why one can find numerous picture and story books to read at the ECC Library. However, at BCIS, the entire community strives to give our students a more vivid and diverse reading experience. Recently, Ms. Suzanne McKemey, ECC Teacher Librarian and Literacy Team Leader, invited Chinese children's author Ms. Juan Er to share some stories she wrote and illustrated in easy-to-understand words and body language. Right away, her drawings and reading voice had a strong appeal to the children, who were transfixed upon her every word and action. She mentioned tales that the students could relate to and closely interacted with them. One of the more popular stories she shared was titled, "Little Scorpion," which is part of her traditional festival food series, which includes appearance by moon cakes, dumplings, and other delicious treats.

At BCIS, we strive to always celebrate our deep Chinese roots. Inviting authors such as Ms. Juan to share about Chinese culture through lively storytelling is certainly one exciting way to do so. We look forward to reading more tales that highlight the traditions and culture from her and other great writers and artists.