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Apr 03 2019


Greg Choi

I am very proud to announce that the BCIS We Club received the biggest ACAMIS Community and Service Grant totaling $2,000 this year. The We Club is an organization aiming to advocate for quality education for underprivileged children in rural China, as well as promote a stronger sense of community in BCIS. This award was dedicated towards the club's ambitious proposal for the construction of a library and donation of musical instruments to their partner elementary school in rural Yunnan. Victoria Lu, Elena Ma, and myself, leaders of We Club, constructed a thoughtful proposal that entails the current logistics and accomplishments of the group (such as book donation drives, color run events to raise awareness of water conservation, donation of custom made winter uniforms to the school, and so forth), as well as the specific implementation of how the grant would be used if received. It is the diligence and hard work that we put into the proposal that won this honor for the club. However, this would not have happened without the help from our CAS Coordinator, Ms. Katie Petch, and We Club Supervisor, Ms. Pamela Bromby. After being awarded the grant, Victoria Lu stated, "We are so flattered to receive this incredible honor. It struck as a surprise as the competition was fierce. We will definitely put the grant into the most beneficial use for the children."