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Feb 21 2019


Greg Choi

Recently, Grade 10 students began learning the fine art of clay making. For their first lesson, they were given the task of starting the process of creating a pinch pot. As its name implies, a pinch pot is a form of pottery that is made by pinching and turning clay with one's hands. Mr. Richard Todd, Visual Arts Teacher, demonstrated how to do so, as well as other forms of clay making through techniques such as scoring (meaning making scratches in pieces of clay to join them together). While doing so, he emphasized the importance of wedging/kneading clay to remove any air bubbles inside before use in a project. Throughout the session, he also noted how students should make certain their clay does not become dry and cracked by spraying water on their works to avoid ruining the structure of their pinch pots. He also went over the proper terminology and tools involved in clay making (i.e. scoring, leather hard, plastic, etc). Indeed, the students took part in an informative and fun class involving tactile work (and getting their hands a little dirty).