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Nov 08 2018


Greg Choi

Families recently gathered at the ECC to witness one of the best annual traditions at BCIS: The Book Character Parade! As a way to promote the wonderful world of reading, as well as to display their love and appreciation for it, the students, teachers, and staff members dressed up in costumes of their favorite book characters, ranging from Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs, The Book Without a Name, princesses, pirates, and even the Tiger Who Came to Tea! As one can see, they all certainly have wonderful tastes in stories! To make the day even more magical, the entire first floor of the school was transformed into a makeshift route to allow students to do their best catwalk strut and bask in the spotlight. The children waved and confidently smiled as they passed by parents, relatives, and staff members that took countless photos, while possessing the biggest grins in the universe.