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Sep 27 2018


Greg Choi

At BCIS, we always take every opportunity to proudly celebrate our Chinese roots. With the Mid-Autumn Festival recently occurring, this was a great chance for our teachers, students, and staff members to display our fondness for our host country's culture and history. All throughout our entire school, classes focused on traditions, including making and painting paper lanterns, paper lotus flowers, and of course, mooncakes. Through these lessons, the students not only learned more about China, but they also became empowered with the improvement of their creative abilities. According to Ms. Ruby Shen, Secondary School Chinese Language Acquisition Teacher, the round shape of mooncakes represents family gatherings (and is the reason why these sweet treats are offered between relatives and friends), while the lotus flower stands as a symbol of Buddhism. Indeed, all these items are sent as blessings to people, with the wishes and intention that the receivers attain good health and a bright future. Ms. Ruby emphasized, "since we are living in China, celebrating festivals and learning the story behind the festivals is always a good way for the students to engage in their learning of the language and culture." Through our appreciation of traditions, history, and culture, our community continues to connect China and the world.