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Sep 11 2018


Greg Choi

It is always encouraging to see BCIS students follow the school mission by being "compassionate and inspired people who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world." It is especially wonderful to witness our younger students become empowered and take initiative. One story we would like to share with our dear readers is that of Sophie Zhou, Grade 5 student. At the start of the new school year, she and her family decided to collect as many backpacks as possible to donate to students living in rural areas that need them. This idea came to fruition when Sophie's father thought most BCIS students would have various backpacks in decent or new condition at home that could be given to to children that really need them instead of collect dust in closets around. Therefore, with the help of her sister (Gloria, Grade 6 student), Sophie set out to spread the word at school and ask for backpacks to be donated. The initial plan was to make this charitable act last for a week, but bags are still being brought in by kind families that wish to donate them. To date, more than 80 bags have been received from the BCIS community, along with pencils, erasers, and other school materials necessary for students to study. Indeed, the tight-knit community has come together once again for a great cause.

Ms. Kelli Cochran, Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher, perfectly summed up the activity when she stated, "Sophie and her family saw a need and they took action to address it. They put BCIS' mission into a real-life example for our class and our community. We are all so proud of her compassionate and caring efforts!"