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Aug 28 2018


Greg Choi

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make the Elementary School (ES) Kitchen a work of art." These were not the exact words spoken by Ms. Sally Richmond, ES Principal, when she recently expressed her idea to decorate the ES Kitchen to students and teachers. However, she did mention it would be wonderful if they could add a personal touch to the special classroom. Therefore, it was decided that children from the ES would be tasked with the fun challenge of creating artistic ceramic tiles to adorn the ES Kitchen walls. Fortunately, the timing could not have been more perfect since a special guest was invited to stop by and show her skills in this particular art medium: Ms. Melanie Fisher, a professional ceramist from the USA!
Ms. Fisher kindly took some time from her busy schedule to speak with students from different grade levels about the planning and creating of ceramic tiles. She showed the children the process of how she makes a masterpiece, including starting with a simple idea, and then placing that very idea on a piece of soft clay using various tools to create the shapes and pictures desired. With much experience in the art world, it was a treat for the students and teachers to directly learn from her. Due to her positive influence, as well as the unwavering eagerness to utilize the skills and knowledge they continue to gain through their lessons on Pop Art and other different art styles, the students have become empowered and inspired to start planning what they would like to put on their very own ceramic tiles (including items that could be found in kitchens, such as forks, spoons, bananas, strawberries, bowls, and so forth). For the next few weeks, the children will be working on making their own masterpieces.
Please stay tuned for more highlights and information regarding the ongoing saga of decorating the ES Kitchen.