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Aug 20 2021


Grady Singleton

Class of 2021 graduates from our IB Diploma Programme and BCIS' bespoke IDEATE Program are heading to exciting new places! Founder's Scholarship recipient, Ariel, will be pursuing her passion for fine art at California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), a top 5 school in this field. Ariel believes that her time in BCIS IDEATE program not only inspired her to hone her incredible talents, but also empowered her to compile a substantial portfolio of work in preparation for applying to university.

Even before Ariel joined BCIS in seventh grade, she was already an extraordinary artist. Art helped her find a peaceful and relaxing space, and Ariel found herself released from pressure when she was drawing. Therefore, when Ariel had the chance to join BCIS IDEATE Program, she knew she wanted to concentrate on creating art projects. IDEATE gave her the freedom to focus on art, and the instruction on how to use a broad range of media, not only sketching or painting.

6.1.jpgAt BCIS, Ariel was able to explore a variety of subjects, enabling her to find the style best suited to her amazing talents. Not only did she take a wide range of art classes, but she also led clubs such as the Creative Writing Association, the Internet Novel Association, and BCIS Art. During her time in the IDEATE Program, Ariel was empowered to select projects and courses where she could develop new skills in areas such as animation and design. These courses and the projects she created gave her the skills to build a solid foundation for a career in art.

6.2.jpgIDEATE provided Ariel with rigorous instruction in various subjects, while also preparing her for her future art studies. Ariel especially appreciated the projects she completed, as they helped her build a strong portfolio of paintings and other works that she could use when applying to universities. A portfolio is one of the most important parts of applications and interviews in the art industry and IDEATE provided Ariel with a head start on her own inspirational set of works. The variety of classes she took also helped Ariel to realize her favorite subject area was fine art; a subject that she will go on to study in greater depth at Cal Arts.

6.3.jpgFor her next step, Ariel is preparing to head to California to start school in person. The fine arts program at her university will be much like IDEATE at BCIS, in that it will first let her explore many different types of art classes to find the right direction for her. Ariel's IDEATE portfolio and her superb individual style provide an outstanding foundation for her further studies. However, she will miss the kindness shown by all the students and teachers at BCIS, as well as the school spirit. For Ariel, BCIS feels like home, and she will always remain connected through the BCIS Alumni Network. Hopefully, her next destination offers a similarly warm and welcoming community. Best of luck to Ariel and all the talented and unique graduates from the Class of 2021!