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May 21 2021


Fei Gao

For Beijing City International School's (BCIS) 15th Anniversary, a gift from the community to BCIS was to name our beloved Warrior Horse mascot together. Our special 15th Anniversary edition of "Spring in the City" offered the ideal opportunity to unveil this much-anticipated highlight.

Just as the community created the mascot, so too the community named the mascot. We enlisted our students, staff, alumni and expert name givers, our BCIS parents, in the search for the special name. Each community member had the chance to share their preferred name and rationale either through an e-submission, video in an Early Childhood Centre (ECC) classroom, or in the BCIS Bubble with the mascot itself!

We are proud to announce our mascot's name is honouring China, connected to the school, and is a joy to call. Without further delay, the BCIS Warrior Horse mascot has been given the name: Le Le! Aptly so, in Chinese, "Le Le" means "double happiness" which is also our school's logo.

Here's to Le Le, double happiness, and BCIS' 15th birthday!