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May 21 2021


Fei Gao

With the rumble of music and voices, gourmet aromas, families walking along hand-in-hand, with a world of summer activities at the waiting, it could only mean one thing: Spring in the City's great return!

Last Sunday, Beijing City International School (BCIS) students, families, staff, and our Yuecheng Senior citizens enjoyed a truly special day. With community at the heart of the school, celebrating BCIS' community and 15th Anniversary was all the more memorable being able to enjoy this day together again after a yearlong break.

This year's community art project welcomed the BCIS family onto campus with almost 600 colorful pinwheels on the hillside, spanning across the greenery with a figure fifteen! The spinning installation is a reminder of our resilient roots, diverse community and the great mechanisms of the hearts and hands of the BCIS family.

The students and the entire staff worked together running all the activities and performances for the community while joining in the fun too. Our students reveled in the big and small games with their parents and performed on stage with all their might just like our distinguished Yuecheng Senior's Golden Heights residents.

We are proud of the connectedness within our intergenerational community and continue to nurture it with the BCIS Warrior Horse spirit. As a BCIS family, we are equally delighted to have also named our BCIS Warrior Horse mascot last Sunday!