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Mar 26 2021


Fei Gao

For Beijing City International School (BCIS) scholarship recipients, the significance of the scholarship stems from their application journey itself.

Grade 11 student, Qinglan, is a BCIS Merit Scholarship recipient. Before receiving her scholarship, she was already a well-known star in our community, serenading the BCIS family with her original lyrics and compositions. However, applying for a scholarship is not centered around popularity; rather, staying true to yourself, and trying your best to clearly define and communicate your values. Qinglan said preparing her personal statement was equally, if not more, important than collating her accolades. She will never forget this experience – a positive challenge that rewarded her with the means to mature in and with BCIS' diverse community, granting her opportunities to explore and expand on her dreams.

BCIS awards scholarships to inspire and nurture exceptional talents for students who embody and exemplify the BCIS mission and vision. Students who apply for either a BCIS Merit or Academic Scholarship will write a 600-800 word essay, submit a recommendation form presenting areas of excellence, achievements, their character reference and contributions to the community. Shortlisted candidates will partake in an interview with the BCIS Scholarship Committee. For more information on BCIS' Scholarship Program, please follow this link.

To apply in our rolling admissions process, for the school year beginning August 2021, please scan the QR code below for easy access and application.