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Apr 02 2021


Fei Gao

We congratulate Beijing City International School (BCIS) Class of 2021 students on the 118 university offers they have received to date. We look forward to hearing more good news as the 45 students continue to receive offers and as they make their final decisions on which universities to attend. BCIS Class of 2021's learning journeys will continue at universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, and Switzerland.

We are delighted that our students are receiving offers and scholarships from their best fit and desired universities for their chosen programs. The pool of universities includes the University of California Berkeley, NYU Stern School of Business, Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University of British Colombia, and the University of Toronto.


Every day is exciting as university offers are still coming in. Students along with their families, BCIS university guidance counselor and teachers are carefully evaluating their offers and considering which ones to accept.

Many BCIS alumni are completing their undergraduate studies and are choosing to continue their postgraduate learning journeys. We congratulate our alumni who have recently received offers or are currently studying for masters or doctoral programs at the following prestigious universities: