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Dec 18 2020


Fei Gao

An event our Elementary School (ES) and Secondary School (SS) students look forward to is their annual Winter Concert. Under the special circumstances this year, separate performance times were allocated for each ES grade, while another grade attended as audience members and parents enjoyed the recordings from home. With color-coded attire, student rhythm compositions and well-orchestrated audience participation, the theatre was alive with musical magic! Last night's crisp evening was made warm with enchanting performances by our multi-talented SS students. The proud performers whisked audiences away to a winter wonderland with unique compositions and renditions of classic Christmas songs. Through moving choral verses, solos, the orchestra and bands, our SS musicians left listeners in awe with their magical melodies. Our students showed enormous support and were so proud of one another's acts – as best said with glee by a Grade 3 student, "all the practice made this go great!"

Watch the ES and SS Winter Concert photomontage below!